The Higgs Boson for People in a Hurry


This guide assumes somewhat of a non-mathematical understanding of the Standard Model and Feynman Diagrams. Quantum Diaries’ guide to Feynman Diagrams, CERN’s description of the Standard Model and Frank Wilczek’s article on the Higgs Mechanism are excellent introductions.  

Thousands of scientists and the most complex experimental facility ever constructed have given us the greatest particle physics triumph of the past 50 years — and a proportionate number of people have tried to explain it.

Across the web, there exists an abundance of documents, tools, and lesson plans created by scientists and educators to explain the Large Hadron Collider. By pooling together the best resources out there, this page will take you through the story of how the Higgs was created and how we know that we’ve found it.

The meat of this guide was inspired by Lauren Tompkins and her Stanford course Physics in the 21st Century.